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I am about to share with you how you can wake up loving what you do. What I am going to share in this free workshop is simple. My goal during this video series is to help you become more fulfilled and focused in your work and life, make your dreams come true so you can be more confident and more appreciated at work.  


If you want a new career that challenges you and you just need a plan of action or you have a job but feel like you are stuck in a rut and are underemployed not reaching your full potential, or maybe you want less stress and more fun and work life balance so that you can be proud of yourself.  

Get ready because this FREE workshop I created just for you. I'll see you inside.  

Love, Anna Runyan Founder,, one of Forbes most influential career sites

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The Get Unstuck Workshop will be an immersive and invaluable experience taking place over one week virtually with over 10,000 women around the world. Each day will be made up of engaging training, conversation and case studies from other women who have success made a career transition into work they love. So if you’re a woman just starting in the workforce with dreams of becoming happy and fulfilled at work, but you don’t know where to start or you’re a current leader in your company who just feels like you could still do more and grow more and you are frustrated trying to reach a higher level position, register now, because this video series is made just for you.  

FREE Online Workshop #1: 

Socially Hired - How To Use Social Media To Find Your Dream Career

FREE Online Workshop #2: 

The Get Unstuck Roadmap - How To Determine What Your Dream Career Is

FREE Online Workshop #3: 

The Career Fulfillment Blueprint - The 3 Phases of Your Career and How to Make Your Dream Life Happen ASAP

FREE Online Workshop #4: 

Your Happiness (Moving Forward)

 **Recordings and workbooks will be available for free so if you are on vacation, still sign-up and watch when you return. We understand! You can catch up and watch the recordings anytime for 2 weeks after you sign up.

Meet Anna Runyan 

Anna and Mila

Anna is the Creator of Love Your Career Formula and CEO of one of Forbes 35 Most Influential Career Sites, Anna has been invited to speak internationally at the Global Leadership Forum in Curitiba, Brazil. She's a winner of the Top 5 Blogs For Young Professionals by Levo League and one of 15 Career Experts To Add To Your Twitter Feed Now by The Muse. She's been featured on Fox, ESPN, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and People Stylewatch Magazine. Anna was nominated as San Diego Magazine's Woman of the Year (2016) and her podcast was ranked one of the top 23 career podcasts by